My Thoughts on “Through the Looking Glass at Concordia University” by Terry Newman

Here is the article

Through the looking glass and what Alice found there (1902). Illustration by Peter Newell

If you haven’t noticed, I’m not a fan of the postmodern-religion-like ideology that has taken over many young minds and hearts in academia, and even some not-so-young minds and hearts of people that run the dying “legacy media,” and PC companies like Google and Patreon. Beautiful spiritual principles like Feminism, and the idea of “liberty and justice for all,” get turned into a shadow of their true meaning when dumbed down by militant, political, ideologically driven–ignorance.

The most disturbing section of this article, for me, is where this bright and thoughtful young lady tells about how some of the priests and priestesses (professors) of the grievance study religion are outright telling students that all the “old dead racist white men” of history are irrelevant. This reminds me of watching videos of Al Qaeda blowing up the ancient Buddhist monuments. Yes, lets just erase the legacy of someone like Henry David Thoreau (yes he was a flawed human being just like every body else, and he did shit in the woods), who had a major influence on two outstanding human rights activists: Martin Luther King, and Mahatma Gandhi. While were at it, why don’t we erase the the Gulags, the enlightenment, the Civil War here in the US, the inquisition, The Holocaust (oops, can’t erase that one because it was committed by white fascists), and, well, fuck it — lets just erase that whole damn shit storm, the terrible plague of humans on the planet, because it doesn’t mean anything anyways, according to the postmodern meta-narrative that tells the story about how all meta-narratives are ultimately meaningless. It’s foolish at best, and disgustingly nihilistic at worst.

I love and agree whole hardly with her conclusion:

“…And the only way for us imperfect beings to arrive at greater truth is to allow one another to communicate our thoughts in good faith, using the language we have available to us. This is not an attempt to turn back the clock. This is not an attempt to remove anyone’s hard-earned rights. This is not a secret plot to invite neo-Nazis or white supremacists to campuses to poison the minds of the young.

“This is just a call for sanity. I am a left-leaning progressive. I am an ally to progressive causes. But I can certainly tell you this: one does not sway hearts and souls through the policing of language, the policing of thoughts, the silencing of voices, and the dismissal of viewpoints. That way lies madness. And unlike Alice, we do not have the luxury of waking up from this madness on the riverbank, brushing ourselves off and going in for tea. We have to stay here and make this work. If we care at all about improving society, then we need to take a good, hard look at how university classrooms are currently functioning, and think deeply about how they got this way.”

You can read Terry Newman’s beautifully written article in Quillette online magazine here.

#postmodernism #grievancestudies #socialjusticewarriors #identitypolitics

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