The Internet Locusts Descend on Ristretto Roasters

Published by Nancy Rommelmann

My commentary on Nancy’s recent article in Quillette online magazine.

Another casualty of the mindless PC culture which hunts. A coffee shop has been targeted by the hungry swarm. No dialogue, no communication whatsoever. Just the typical virtue signaling posse of rebels without a clue. These fucking ignorant people care nothing about the causes they claim to represent. They only care about war, the demonizing of people who have never hurt anyone. The only crime in this case was that the wife of the owner of the coffee shop talked about the wrong topics (aka read the satanic bible), and said the wrong words (committed heresy).

“Exhausted is a big word with this crowd,” remarked Heying. “They’re just so tired of fighting. What they’re fighting are their own shadows.”

“’It’s totally regressive,’ said Heying. ‘An actual backwards regressive ethos.’ But why do they want to go backwards? Why are they scared of everything? I’d asked my nephew, a recent graduate of Hampshire College, if it were true that students are taught that all men are potential rapists. He said, “Yes.” Will young people who actually believe this be able to trust enough to fall in love? What does this portend when they turn 35 or 40? Will they look back and realize they had no foundation in cultivating joy? It seems like an impoverishment of the soul.”

Oops, I’m 57 years old and I’m only now learning that I’m a potential rapist. Well, good thing I didn’t rape anyone. I must have gotten lucky. But still, I must atone for my original sin because of the thing hanging between my legs.

Learn something new every day, I guess.

Check out Nancy Rommelmann’s article in Quillette.


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