The Rottenness of Rotten Tomatoes

Rotten Tomatoes has been infiltrated by the dominant religion of our time: Fouchartian- Postmodern-Neo-Marxist-Intersectional-Social Justicism.

Adherents to this religion favor “Mary Sue” heroines over Alita Battle Angel (I loved the movie btw). Good movies, in my opinion, are those in which the heroes earn their merit, and don’t force feed a theme of feminine superiority down the audiences throat while making sure all the male characters are either inept, or evil. Even Luke Skywalker for Christ’s sake.

Alita has both innocence, and power. She needs the people in her life. She isn’t just ipso-facto capable of defeating a trained Sith lord. She earns her merit. But merit is a sin in this new religion.

Thank goodness the audiences are catching on to this pathetic form of story telling.

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