I Speak Therefore I Am


I speak therefore I am guilty

of my own stupidity

And no, I’m not self-deprecating

Just trying to tell the truth


By speaking at all

I open myself to being wrong

To being corrected

By whoever I’m speaking to



I speak lies sometimes

Therefore I do not admire myself

Even though I’m good

at pretending that I do


By speaking lies

I open myself to chaos

To the distorted comfort

Of mod rule



But sometimes I find the courage

to speak the truth Regardless

And therefore I admire myself

And I honor the sacred in you


And If I can speak the truth

Painful as it will be

I think you will honor

the sacred In me too



I speak therefore I cast potential

To the potential in you

So that we can build a future

Create some kind of order out of chaos


By speaking to each other

We open ourselves to being wrong

To our ideas being crucified

By our greatest teacher



I THINK about truth

Therefore I MUST speak it

As clumsy as I may be

in doing so


Because speaking the truth

As painful as it will be

Is the only way I know

To pave the way to true love



I speak therefore I’ve gained the ability

to experience humility

And I AM self-deprecating

When I’m not telling the truth


Because by speaking the truth (as best I can)

I open myself to the pain being loved

To being connected

To whoever is capable of speaking the truth.


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