Jake’s Twentieth Birthday



What can I say to the young man

Who changed my life?

Who caused me to say

“I love you”

On the day he was born—

Like I’d never felt it before.

Who helped his grandmother up the stairs

When he was two-years-old.

Who sang loud from his heart at four.

Who said to me when he was five:

“Hey Dad! If we didn’t have any presidents—

We wouldn’t need any flags!”

Who won the talent show when he was twelve—

(with a little help from his dad)

Who nailed the part of Sir Toby

The drunk guy in Twelfth Night

(without any help from his dad)

Who learned to sing

Genetic harmonies

And play the guitar.

And dance.

Who won a full scholarship


(I’m off the hook)

Who rocked me out of my stoic world

(and moved into my cute little house, dammit!)

Who expectantly shows up unexpected.

Who moves me to smile from the center of my soul.

God bless your 20th journey around the sun!

You know I love you man!

You know it!


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