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The Rottenness of Rotten Tomatoes

Rotten Tomatoes has been infiltrated by the dominant religion of our time: Fouchartian- Postmodern-Neo-Marxist-Intersectional-Social Justicism.

Adherents to this religion favor “Mary Sue” heroines over Alita Battle Angel (I loved the movie btw). Good movies, in my opinion, are those in which the heroes earn their merit, and don’t force feed a theme of feminine superiority down the audiences throat while making sure all the male characters are either inept, or evil. Even Luke Skywalker for Christ’s sake.

Alita has both innocence, and power. She needs the people in her life. She isn’t just ipso-facto capable of defeating a trained Sith lord. She earns her merit. But merit is a sin in this new religion.

Thank goodness the audiences are catching on to this pathetic form of story telling.

Alita Battle Angel, and the social justice creed.


In a recent article in Screenrant titled Alita Has A Design Problem (But It’s Not The Big Eyes), Molly Freeman calls out the creators of Alita Battle Angel for making the main character too “sexy.”

I realize that people who write for rags like this have to pander to their audience. God forbid they upset the rage-against-everything-that-isn’t-what-we-believe crowd. It’s common knowledge that postmodern acolytes don’t like merit or competence in any form — “Thou shalt all be equal, or else.” This doctrine applies to sexuality as well. “Thou shalt not sexualize a teenage cyborg” is the basic theme of Freeman’s article.

“For examples of how actual women think warrior women should look in media, just look to the redesigned She-Ra on Netflix’s animated show, or the Amazonian warriors of Themyscira in Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman.”

Freeman seems to have divine knowledge of how “actual women think,” and how they ”should look.” That’s interesting. It’s almost a God-like quality, implying that any woman who is fine with Alita’s body is not an “actual woman.”

“Thou shalt not question the un-falsifiable circular reasoning—the social justice creed—else you will not be allowed to claim your true identity.”

Sameness is the rule of thumb in this religion. All sexy bodies are guilty of promoting inequality. In fact, being sexually attracted to someone, especially if you’re a heterosexual male, is a sin. Pretty much all male sexuality is ipso-facto toxic, creepy, and philistine.

“To imply that Alita would choose a sexualized “ideal” female body type over a more practical, less sexualized one isn’t just laughable, it goes against everything established about her character. She’s a character who is depicted using her body to fight and isn’t ever shown caring much about how it looks, but in the moment of her transformation, all that seems to be thrown out the window simply so the movie can justify making sure their main female character has a “sexy” body. It’s a disservice not just to the character of Alita, but to Alita: Battle Angel‘s female viewers.”

Again, with the divine proclamation about “female viewers.” Obviously, Freeman speaks for all of them.

She’s also clueless about the fact that this movie was adapted from a popular Japanese Manga series. James Cameron wanted to stay as close to the original series as possible, which he and the director, Robert Rodrigues, did very well. Alita in the movie has a similar body to Alita in the Manga. She is depicted as a teenager, perhaps because teenagers read comics (which I’m sure is a sin also). Like it or not, teenagers have sexual desire (sin), which is as old as the human species—unless you believe that human history began in 1492 and that being sexy is bad, like most postmodernists do.

“All originality and creativity shalt be altered so as to not offend anyone.”

And imagine this: a teenage romance that doesn’t involve the girl taking control of the relationship, and the boy becoming a passive goofy sidekick.
Instead, in this movie we get a strong male character (sin), and a strong female character.

It’s no wonder why some call the adherents to the postmodern religion NPC’s — characters who cannot vary from their script. The writer of this piece can’t reach beyond the idea that she knows what all women should look like, and how they should think, too!

The Internet Locusts Descend on Ristretto Roasters

Published by Nancy Rommelmann

My commentary on Nancy’s recent article in Quillette online magazine.

Another casualty of the mindless PC culture which hunts. A coffee shop has been targeted by the hungry swarm. No dialogue, no communication whatsoever. Just the typical virtue signaling posse of rebels without a clue. These fucking ignorant people care nothing about the causes they claim to represent. They only care about war, the demonizing of people who have never hurt anyone. The only crime in this case was that the wife of the owner of the coffee shop talked about the wrong topics (aka read the satanic bible), and said the wrong words (committed heresy).

“Exhausted is a big word with this crowd,” remarked Heying. “They’re just so tired of fighting. What they’re fighting are their own shadows.”

“’It’s totally regressive,’ said Heying. ‘An actual backwards regressive ethos.’ But why do they want to go backwards? Why are they scared of everything? I’d asked my nephew, a recent graduate of Hampshire College, if it were true that students are taught that all men are potential rapists. He said, “Yes.” Will young people who actually believe this be able to trust enough to fall in love? What does this portend when they turn 35 or 40? Will they look back and realize they had no foundation in cultivating joy? It seems like an impoverishment of the soul.”

Oops, I’m 57 years old and I’m only now learning that I’m a potential rapist. Well, good thing I didn’t rape anyone. I must have gotten lucky. But still, I must atone for my original sin because of the thing hanging between my legs.

Learn something new every day, I guess.

Check out Nancy Rommelmann’s article in Quillette.


My Thoughts on “Through the Looking Glass at Concordia University” by Terry Newman

Here is the article

Through the looking glass and what Alice found there (1902). Illustration by Peter Newell

If you haven’t noticed, I’m not a fan of the postmodern-religion-like ideology that has taken over many young minds and hearts in academia, and even some not-so-young minds and hearts of people that run the dying “legacy media,” and PC companies like Google and Patreon. Beautiful spiritual principles like Feminism, and the idea of “liberty and justice for all,” get turned into a shadow of their true meaning when dumbed down by militant, political, ideologically driven–ignorance.

The most disturbing section of this article, for me, is where this bright and thoughtful young lady tells about how some of the priests and priestesses (professors) of the grievance study religion are outright telling students that all the “old dead racist white men” of history are irrelevant. This reminds me of watching videos of Al Qaeda blowing up the ancient Buddhist monuments. Yes, lets just erase the legacy of someone like Henry David Thoreau (yes he was a flawed human being just like every body else, and he did shit in the woods), who had a major influence on two outstanding human rights activists: Martin Luther King, and Mahatma Gandhi. While were at it, why don’t we erase the the Gulags, the enlightenment, the Civil War here in the US, the inquisition, The Holocaust (oops, can’t erase that one because it was committed by white fascists), and, well, fuck it — lets just erase that whole damn shit storm, the terrible plague of humans on the planet, because it doesn’t mean anything anyways, according to the postmodern meta-narrative that tells the story about how all meta-narratives are ultimately meaningless. It’s foolish at best, and disgustingly nihilistic at worst.

I love and agree whole hardly with her conclusion:

“…And the only way for us imperfect beings to arrive at greater truth is to allow one another to communicate our thoughts in good faith, using the language we have available to us. This is not an attempt to turn back the clock. This is not an attempt to remove anyone’s hard-earned rights. This is not a secret plot to invite neo-Nazis or white supremacists to campuses to poison the minds of the young.

“This is just a call for sanity. I am a left-leaning progressive. I am an ally to progressive causes. But I can certainly tell you this: one does not sway hearts and souls through the policing of language, the policing of thoughts, the silencing of voices, and the dismissal of viewpoints. That way lies madness. And unlike Alice, we do not have the luxury of waking up from this madness on the riverbank, brushing ourselves off and going in for tea. We have to stay here and make this work. If we care at all about improving society, then we need to take a good, hard look at how university classrooms are currently functioning, and think deeply about how they got this way.”

You can read Terry Newman’s beautifully written article in Quillette online magazine here.

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Hack journalism

This from the article linked above:
“A closer look, however, reveals that he’s been providing pseudo-science bullets for the alt-right’s online infantry for some time (including such gems as how serotonin levels in lobsters might justify the gender pay gap).”
This kind of bone dry, implicitly biased journalism (if one could call it that) is what drew me to actually look into JBP. And it comes from a site that claims to be all about “free thinking.” But it exemplifies something more akin to “free association” at about a high school level: ‘e talked about the Nazi’s, therefore he condones and forgives them.’ Yup, great logic and no derisive intent there at all. The usual cherrypicked, unsubstantiated claim above is a good example of the propaganda on the left that continues to astonish me.
The rest of the article continues with the same sort of high school level name calling consciousness. Pethetic.


The Holy Epistemological Island of Utopia.


Viewers Noticed Some Very Disturbing Details In ‘Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer’

Check out the article linked in the picture above.

Racists and bigots and misogynists, oh my! Yup, the whole world needs some serious diversity training, and if the training doesn’t stick you’ll need a partial PC lobotomy. And if the lobotomy doesn’t erase the memories of your terrible patriarchal indoctrinated childhood that came from growing up in the most evil, racist, bigoted, misogynist society that ever existed, you’ll need shock treatments. Or maybe a month on an ayahuasca retreat in South America where you puke every day before you talk to androgynous aliens from the fifth dimension who will set you on the straight and narrow path to the holy epistemological island of utopia.

Ideological Privilege

There’s a lot of white privilege propaganda on social media lately. A recent article in the New Yorker implied that all white people are racist. Though I get that there’s an assumed motive behind it all, to help people who are less privileged (a solid liberal value which I am completely on board with), I can’t help but notice the vindictiveness, tenacity, and the energy spent denigrating people because of the color of their skin.

Maybe that energy could be directed toward more fruitful endeavors?

To me, to point a finger at an ethnic group and accuse them of a collective crime is racist. Period. It’s also counterproductive, and laced with the gratification and revenge of extremist ideological spin. I think that those who want other people to check their privilege should, in turn, check their ideology. It wasn’t that the Marxists cared about the poor, it was more about how they hated the rich, and thus gave Solzhenitsyn some terrible stuff to write about.

Things might not become so terrible now. But one thing I’m pretty sure of is that if this “all white people are racist” propaganda keeps getting hyped, then Trump is going to win another term.

I hope I’m wrong.